All of our ideas about God are just ideas. I think we forget this at times because those ideas bring us so close to God. The problem is, none of our concepts, no matter how beautiful, can actually contain the Divine.

For me, is the real crux of Psalm 13. It’s not just that the writer has been forgotten; forever. It’s that they feel continually forgotten. Over and over again. And that’s much worse, isn’t it?

This is one of the deep and lasting paradoxes of the Christian faith, that once a year, we let go of hope and we embrace our doubt as central to our faith. Today we allow ourselves to sink into the darkness so that we can feel fully what it means to be hopeless.

On Sunday we dove back into the letter to the Romans and as part of our recap we talked about some of the major schools of interpretation when it comes to Paul. For those interested here’s a little more detailed breakdown of where the “New Perspective” fits.